RED FLOWER Hammam Moroccan Mint Tea Silt Purifier

RED FLOWER Hammam Moroccan Mint Tea Silt Purifier


Cleanse, refresh, detoxify

8.8 oz

Deeply purify and detoxify the skin with this refreshing, cleansing wash that is a vitality-filled infusion based on the traditional Moroccan mint tea blend of white sage, peppermint, spearmint, and gunpowder green tea. White sage is curative, astringent and antiseptic, naturally high in phenols which help reduce inflammation and muscle pain. Peppermint and spearmint encourage the natural elimination of impurities by stimulating sweat glands. Gunpowder green tea contains xanthine, caffeine and vitamin c, which combined offer intense anti-oxidizing benefits. Silt helps to increase the oxygen intake of the skin, leaving it pure and soft. Together these powerful herbs deeply revitalize the body.

Sensory experience: Enter into steamy warm water and generously fill the palms with earthy green montmorillonite clay and lather-rich nutrients over the skin. In long sweeping movements towards the heart, bathe the limbs and body, increasing circulation for a sensual release and euphoric lightness of being.

Aromatherapy: Inhale the vibrant scent of mint and white sage to open the airways, and breathe in soothing lavender to calm the nerves and release tension.

Origin: Practiced for nearly one thousand years to heal through detoxification, the hammam progression begins with bathers entering the hararet, or the hot room and warming the skin on a heated marble stone. Feeling the radiant heat, steam, and a rush of oxygen, cleansing begins with basins of hot water poured over the head and body.

This is the first step. Begin by purifying to draw deep impurities from the body and detoxify for a euphoric lightness of being.

Ingredient list

  • algae extract

  • beet sugar

  • bentonite clay

  • biodegradable corn

  • cananga odorata oil

  • douglas fir needle oil

  • french green clay

  • glucono delta-lactone

  • lavender oil

  • leuconostoc

  • peppermint oil

  • potassium

  • sage leaf oil

  • saponified coconut oil

  • spearmint leaf oil

  • sugar and fatty alcohol

  • water

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