Post-Gym Hair-Wet hair don't care–the simple chignon

Wet hair never looked better thanks to this stylish 'do.

You've worked up a sweat at the gym (GOOD JOB!). The next thing might involve heading to the office, meeting your beau for dinner, or grabbing a drink with a friend. But you're a hot mess because you slayed that workout and only have so much time to pull yourself together. You need to wash that workout out of your hair, but hate arriving at your next destination looking like a wet dog. 

We have a solution for your post-gym ‘do while giving your hair a deep conditioning at the same time. You can turn your tangled, mangled locks into a perfectly coiffed 'do in minutes. Enter in: the sleek and easy low chignon.

This low bun is easy to style with wet hair, and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Put in your gym bag:

  • Some bobby pins
  • Your favorite leave in conditioner or hair mask
  • A fine-tooth comb
  • Elastic hair bands
  • Watch the how-to video and the instructions below to get the look. 

Step 1. Start on damp or freshly washed hair and comb in your leave-in conditioner or hair mask.

Step 2. Use a fine-toothed comb to slick your hair back into a low pony, securing with an elastic band.

Step 3. Twist the length of the pony until the very end, securing with another elastic band.

Step 4. Loop the twist around, creating a knot, but don’t pull the ends through.

Step 5. Use bobby pins to secure the chignon.