The Benefits of Hiring a Certified Personal Trainer

So, the holidays are over, and you want to get into great shape, but you don't know where to start. It can be confusing navigating through the "latest and greatest" fitness programs and boutique gyms popping up every day.  Instead of wasting time and money trying something and hoping for the best, why not hire a Certified Personal Trainer to help you reach your fitness goals, avoid injury and keep you motivated. Below is a list of compelling reasons why you should hire a Certified Personal Trainer and the benefits that you are likely to achieve.

It’s often difficult to stay motivated when working out alone. Without the proper guidance, it’s easy to hit a plateau in your training routine and start skipping workouts. A personal trainer will be there to inspire you to continue toward achieving your fitness goals and prevent your workouts from becoming stagnant or unproductive. Having a trainer by your side can provide the reassurance and motivation you need to jumpstart your routine. A trainer will help you set realistic goals and create a plan to conquer them. 

Keeping with a program may be difficult at times. A trainer can hold you accountable and help you defeat all the excuses you might use to avoid your workout. It’s much harder to skip the gym when you know someone is waiting for you.

Fitness can be complicated and with an overwhelming amount of information. Eat this, not that. Should you do cardio before or after strength training? Personal Trainers are trained to teach others how to exercise, and your trainer will provide you direction and eliminate the guesswork so you can put your energy toward achieving the goals that you set. 

For some people, the gym can be intimidating. Working with a trainer allows you to become confident in how to perform your exercises, use the machines, and navigate the gym. The more self-confidence you have, the more likely you are to stick with your exercise program long term.

Avoid Injury
Education when performing exercise is essential in reducing the risk of injury. It's worth hiring a trainer to make sure that you are moving your body in a safe manner. They'll teach you the proper technique so you can improve your results and prevent injuries. So often, people use incorrect form and find themselves with injuries that are easily avoidable with the correct form.

1-on-1 Attention
Everyone is different, and with varying fitness levels, body mechanics, experience, and goals. Your trainer will design a plan that is geared to your needs. With a program that fits, you are more likely to keep your workout going and see the results that you want. 

Sport-Specific Training
Do you want to improve your endurance and run a marathon next year, build up your core to improve your golf swing, or prepare for that big hiking trip?  Your trainer can design a sport-specific fitness program that helps improve your performance and reduce the chance of injury.

Training With Medical Conditions
Exercise is beneficial for preventing or managing many common chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. However, exercising with a medical condition requires additional precautions. A knowledgeable trainer with experience training clients with chronic conditions can design a program that ensures your safety and provides a positive exercise experience.

Make Your Time In The Gym Fun
Exercise can be enjoyable, and a good trainer can make your time in the gym both efficient and fun. They will also keep your workout fresh, so you can learn new routines to keep you from plateauing. Group or buddy training can also be a great way to increase motivation, create healthy competition, and make your workout more social. Training rates are many times reduced when you work out in a group or buddy setting.

If you’re on the fence about committing to hiring a personal trainer, set up a free consultation with a trainer to learn more. You’ll be able to decide quickly if it’s the right choice for you – and we bet it is.