Winter Is Here: Time To Switch Up Your Skin Care


Harsh cold can wreak havoc on your complexion. As winter temperatures fall and the air gets drier, your skin pays the ultimate price.  Under frigid conditions, the skin is less able to protect itself.  This can lead to cracks in the outer layer of skin, loss of hydration, and ultimately, inflammation. Indoor heat further robs the air of moisture, as do hot showers or baths and harsh cleansers.

Many of us can benefit from a skin care upgrade to combat the blustery months ahead.  Amy The Aesthetician at The Spa at Yellow Creek shares her expert advice on how to keep your skin in great shape and gives skin-protecting product recommendations from Comfort Zone, our newest skincare line. Comfort Zone's mission is to promote a holistic, soulful, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, with advanced science-based conscious solutions to visibly improve skin, body, and mind. They consider the skin as a mirror of our mental well-being, physical state, and the daily choices that we make. 

Comfort Zone Remedy | The Spa at Yellow Creek

Winter weather is not fun for the skin. Watch Amy's video about her suggestions on a seasonal switch up in your skincare routine to help keep your skin looking youthful, smooth, hydrated and glowing.