We offer group fitness programs ranging from flow yoga to high-intensity interval training and core exercise. Regular classes are free with any spa treatment or membership.


IGNITE! A METABOLIC FIRE STARTER 60 MINUTES: A high-intensity, calorie burning workout that never gets boring and turns your body into a metabolic machine. MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY 6:30 AM

TOTAL STRENGTH 60 minutes: A powerful, focused workout devoted to developing muscular strength, endurance, and body shape. TUESDAY AND THURSDAY 9:30 AM

CORE CONDITIONING 45 minutes: Strength exercises that focus on toning and conditioning the abdominal and lower-back muscles. WEDNESDAY 6:30 PM

STRENGTH FLOW YOGA 60 minutes: Vinyasa class with fast flow, focusing on strength. TUESDAY 6:00 PM

LUNCHTIME YOGA 60 minutes: A class designed for all levels to rejuvenate and energize during the lunch hour. TUESDAY AND THURSDAY 12:00 PM

MONDAY AND FRIDAY MORNING BOOTCAMP 45 minutes: Combination of high-intensity intervals and strength-building exercises. Intense, challenging and proven to burn calories, ramp up your metabolism and ignite your energy. MONDAY 9:00 AM | FRIDAY 8:00 AM

VINYASA FLOW YOGA 60 minutes: Stoke your inner fire. Awaken strength, energy, and flexibility in a fun atmosphere. Links breath with the mind.

30 MINUTE GROUP TRAINING SESSION – Workout with this motivating group personal training session. TUESDAY AND THURSDAY 7:00 PM | FRIDAY 6:30 AM

Specialty clinics and fitness boot camps are offered several times throughout the year. Our fitness boot camps usually run 4x per year and can be 4, 6, 8 or 12-week sessions complete with a fitness journey portfolio and one-on-one consultation.


Have any questions on the group exercise classes? Drop us a line.

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