Our award-winning Akron spa features exclusive collaborations with luxury beauty brands from around the world. Our products deliver the best in plant-based science from [ comfort zone ] to visibly improve skin, body and mind, organic Japanese and Turkish rituals from Red Flower NYC,  and an on-trend collection of long-wearing lacquers and treatments for nails and hands from celebrity manicurist, Deborah Lippmann.


The [ comfort zone ] brand was founded in Parma, Italy, in 1983 by the Bollati family. The foundation of the brand rests in the scientific background of Dr. Davide Bollati, who has always valued extensive clinical research and utilization of nature's most effective ingredients in the development of proprietary formulations. [ comfort zone ] represents a complete system of care for the skin, body, and soul. They believe in working from the inside out and from the outside in to improve the human condition and treat the whole body. [ comfort zone ] seeks to promote a holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, based in science and strengthened by passion. The [ comfort zone ] logo represents the expert, loving hands of the researchers, aestheticians, and therapists that provide an exclusive ‘space’ of rejuvenation. The brackets are a symbol of science’s embrace that protects and cares for the self. The graphic patterns utilized throughout the brand elements are derived from structures found in the natural world and reflect an artistic, emotional representation of the scientific sources that is the basis for their formulations.


Anthony Logistics is a line of smart grooming and skincare essentials designed for the man who wants to up his game. Formulated with natural ingredients, Anthony's products have the right mix of botanical extracts and science to address men's unique skincare needs. There are also solutions within the range for women like shaving treatments and ingrown hair solutions. 


Après is a ready-to-drink plant protein beverage designed with 14g of organic plant protein from pea, chia, cacao and hemp. Their proprietary protein blend delivers a complete amino acid profile, along with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.


Red flower encourages the enjoyment of simple experiences through the beauty and purity of nature. They believe in the benefits of ancient bathing rituals and have designed their products and treatments to be representative of the most unique and effective bath rituals found across the globe. Red Flower is represented on our treatment menu in our body and nail treatments where we follow these ancient bath rituals.


When it comes to the coolest nails in the industry, look no further than Deborah Lippmann, the celebrity manicurist and nail expert who works with the biggest names in Hollywood and fashion to create trend-setting looks. The Lippmann Collection, with their super saturated colors due to its triple pigmentation, is made up of over 50 shades. The nail treatments and tools are developed by Deborah Lippmann herself. 


Biogenix began in 1998 to innovate new skin care technologies based on discoveries in the field of biomolecular science and the decoding of human DNA. It is the result of collaboration with biochemists from USA, Switzerland, France and Germany. Through its leading Swiss laboratory, Biogenix utilizes the latest phyto stem cell technology to develop potent age-intervention formulations to stimulate a boost in cellular performance.


Cellex-C is the world famous anti-aging skin care company whose unique patented products started the whole vitamin C revolution. We carry select pieces from the Cellex-C range that our aestheticians feel compliment our primary lines, providing solutions in more advanced areas of skincare.

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