Relieve stress and back tension with a 25-minute Localized Swedish Massage then slip into tranquility with one of our luxe spa rituals. Choose either our Tranquility Aromatherapy Body Ritual  OR our unique Tranquility Escape Pro Sleep Massage. These treatments are intensely relaxing, stress-reducing and emotionally refreshing.

  • Tranquility Escape + Localized Massage  $235 (105 min)   

  • Aromatherapy Body Ritual + Localized Massage  $235 (85 min)  


Polish and soften skin with a Volcanic Body Scrub from the Eolian Islands followed by a 60-minute Volcanic Stone Massage. Volcanic lava ash and warmed stones rich in minerals are used to soften the skin and work tight muscles. Cold pebbles are massaged on the face to ease facial tension.

  • Aromasoul Volcanic Scrub + Volcanic Stone Massage  $260 (105 min)  


A day at the spa that offers a little sprinkling of services from head to toe. This package includes a 25-minute Swedish Massage, 25-minute Express Recover Touch Facial, Little Flower Manicure, and Little Flower Pedicure.

  • The Snowflake  $215 (125 min)  

  • Snowflake + Lunch  $233.95 (155 min)   

  • Snowflake Glow-Includes Extended Facial  $255 (160 min)   

  • Snowflake Warmer-Includes Extended Massage  $260 (150 min)   


A perfect combination for a short getaway at the spa that includes a Swedish massage to soothe and relax your muscles and a classic Comfort Zone Essential Facial for an aromatherapeutic retreat with a burst of hydration for your skin. 

  • Let it Glow Package  $235 (110 min)   

  • Let it Glow + Lunch  $253.95 (140 min)   

  • Let it Glow Brighter with an Expert Facial Upgrade  $235 (110 min)   

  • Let it Glow Softly with an upgrade to Wanderlust Massage  $265 (120 min)   

  • Let it Glow a Little Longer with an 80 minute massage  $275 (140 min)   


This package includes our most popular pedicure paired with your choice of any of our 60-minute signature massages OR our Comfort Zone Expert Facial. (115 minutes)

  • 60-minute Raindrop Massage + Deep Release Pedicure  $200   

  • 60-minute Wanderlust Massage + Deep Release Pedicure  $200   

  • 60-minute Optimal Boost Massage + Deep Release Pedicure  $215   

  • 60-minute Yellow Creek Signature Massage + Deep Release Pedicure  $200   

  • 60-minute Aromasoul Massage + Deep Release Pedicure  $200   

  • Expert Facial + Deep Release Pedicure  $195   

  • 60-minute Stone Massage + Deep Release Pedicure  $215   


A great stocking stuffer or a gift for that hard-to-buy-for person. We have three different package options to choose from:

  • Silver and Gold Back and Face  $130.00 (50 min)   
    25-minute Massage  + 25-minute Recover Touch Facial

  • Silver and Gold Back and Toes  $125.00 (80 min)  
    25-minute Massage + Deep Release Pedicure 

  • Silver and Gold Face and Toes  $120.00 (70 min)     
    25-minute Recover Touch Facial + Little Flower Pedicure