The Spa at Yellow Creek specializes in a full array of massage therapy services. Our Massages are based on the power of essential oils. Your therapist will choose an appropriate aromatherapy balm specific to your needs. KINDLY NOTE – Couples massage cannot be booked online. Please call the spa at 330.665.2555 so we can assist you in booking your couples massage appointment.




SWEDISH MASSAGE 25 / 50 / 80 MIN A massage with medium to firm pressure. Eases muscle tension, boosts circulation, reduces stress. CBD OIL CAN BE ADDED FOR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE

WANDERLUST MASSAGE 60 / 90 MIN A stimulating dry body brush boosts circulation and opens the senses. Long-flowing, medium-pressure massage, and freshly organic scented-oil links earth and life. Warm towels on the feet and warm bags on the shoulders and torso generate a sense of peace. Escape everyday stress. 

YELLOW CREEK SIGNATURE MASSAGE 60 / 90 MIN Swedish massage is combined with the therapeutic power of hot and cold. Hot towels on the feet and a hot water bottle on the sacrum creates deep relaxation. A cold stone facial eases sinus pressure and tension. CBD OIL CAN BE ADDED FOR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE 

AROMASOUL ELEMENTS MASSAGE 60 MIN A journey inspired by massage rituals around the world: the exotic Orient, the warmth of the Mediterranean, the vibrant world of India and the culture of the Arabian desert tribes for a complete sensorial experience. 

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE 25 / 50 / 80 MIN Aggressive firm pressure targets severe tension, knots, and stiffness. CBD OIL CAN BE ADDED FOR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE

CBD MASSAGE 60 / 90 MIN Massage techniques customized to your needs and preferences using CBD anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving balm. CBD is non-psychoactive and is therapeutic for stress, relaxation, joint and muscle inflammation, recovery and healing. 

ENERGIZING OPTIMAL BOOST MASSAGE 60 / 90 MIN A rare organic essential berry oil serum combines with dry body-brushing, friction, slow joint and tissue stretching to boost lymphatic circulation, release joint tension, and energize sore muscles. A deep-pressure massage, warmed towels on the feet, and warm bags on the shoulders and torso creates a sense of peace 

ZEN SHIATSU 30 / 60 / 90 MIN A form of bodywork based in Traditional Chinese Medicine combines massage, stretching, and acupressure. Shiatsu provides relaxation and relief from stress, pain, and chronic conditions. Clients should wear loose, comfortable clothing for treatment. 

VOLCANIC STONE MASSAGE 60 / 90 MIN Warm iron-rich volcanic energy stones infused with essential oils work tight muscles to relieve tension, stimulate blood flow, and eliminate toxins. Cold pebbles massaged on the face eases pressure. 

HIMALAYAN SALT MASSAGE 60 / 90 MIN Warm stones formed of Himalayan salt are used to exfoliate and massage away achiness. These stones contain 84 naturally occurring minerals that are absorbed through the skin, producing negative ionization, balancing the body’s electromagnetic field, creating an uplifting and serene effect. 

PRENATAL MASSAGE 25 / 50 MIN This massage provides relief to the aches and stresses associated with pregnancy and uses safe aromatherapeutic oils to hydrate and tone the skin. Special pillows provide support to rest face-down during the massage safely. *available from 12-weeks through full term. 

COUPLES MASSAGE PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING Enjoy our spacious couples suite and choose from any combination of massage or facial services. *excludes raindrop therapy. Time and pricing varies by selection. PLEASE NOTE-Couples massage cannot be booked online. Please call the spa at 330.665-2555 to book your couples massage appointment.

REFLEXOLOGY 25 / 50 MIN This gentle pressure-point massage uses reflex zones on the feet, linked to areas throughout the body, helping to identify physical factors affecting your well-being and help to restore balance. 

GUIDED MEDITATION 30 / 60 MIN This ancient practice assists in stress relief, sleep disorders, anxiety, and pain Management. Use as a vehicle for self-awareness and well-being. couples treatment also available.


BODY ACTIVE REMODELING AND FIRMING MASSAGE 50 MIN Specialty Tui-NA massage techniques boost the efficacy of the innovative Brazilian Yellow Clay and Plankton body mask. Ideal for post-workout recovery, muscle tension, firming the silhouette, and cellulite prevention.

FIRE AND ICE ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE 75 MIN This treatment remodels and tones the silhouette by activating slowed circulation and cellulite movement and reducing fluid retention. Specialty massage and dry-brushing techniques on the abdomen, legs, and buttocks activate targeted thermogenic products, forcing heat to penetrate the tissue where cellulite and fluid retention live. A relaxing foot massage helps drainage. Results are visible after one treatment.

RAINDROP THERAPY 60 MIN The ultimate sensorial experience, enhancing physical and spiritual well-being. Blending Swedish massage, Vitaflex (an ancient Tibetan massage) and Feather Stroke (a Native American technique), 9 individual essential oils are released on the back one at a time and spread with a light touch. Balance and harmony are restored in the body.

ANTI-FATIGUE FOR LEGS AND FEET 40 MIN This massage provides relief for tired, heavy, and swollen legs. Circulation-boosting massage techniques exfoliate the legs and feet, and an ice-cold soothing mud mask reduces fluid retention and swelling. The application of an energizing cream sustains a feeling of lightness. Ideal for runners, nurses, service industry professionals, and pregnant women.

JADE STONE MARMA FACE MASSAGE 40 MIN Inspired by Ayurvedic and East Asian gua sha. Chilled jade stones, steam, and aromatherapy are used to smooth facial muscles, reduce tension and pressure, and improve mental clarity. Includes a shoulder, scalp and décolleté massage.