The Spa at Yellow Creek specializes in an array of massage therapy services including relaxation, couples, prenatal, relaxation, Swedish, shiatsu, sports, hot stone, and deep tissue. Our Massages are based on the power of essential oils. Your therapist will choose an appropriate aromatherapy balm specific to your needs.

KINDLY NOTE – Couples massage cannot be booked online. Please call the spa at 330.665.2555 so we can assist you in booking your couples massage appointment.

Swedish Massage 25 / 50 / 80 min. Combines effleurage strokes, acupressure points, kneading and gliding pressure, releasing the essence of aromatherapy, improving circulation and detoxifying the body.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue 25 / 50 / 80 min. Uses massage techniques that penetrate beyond the surface tension of the muscle to provide relief of severe tension, knots, and kinks.

Zen Shiatsu 30 / 60 / 90 min. Given by our Asian bodywork specialist, Aaron Leff, who is an honors graduate of Toronto’s Shiatsu School of Canada under Sensei Kaz Karniya, and a student of the late Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan. Services begin with a consultation to address your concerns. A plan is developed utilizing various traditional Chinese medicine techniques to provide relaxation and relief from stress, pain or chronic and acute conditions. Clients should wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Yellow Creek Signature 60 / 90 min. A full body massage combining the power of hot and cold–hot towels are placed on the feet and a hot water bottle on the sacrum while cold stones are placed on the sinuses to drain toxins and ease facial tension.

Energizing Organic Optimal Boost 60 / 90 min. This treatment will create a feeling of radiant elation. Begins with a stimulating dry brushing of the body to open receptors and boost circulation. Next, a massage with a warmed rare essential oil blend of berries, using special techniques, release shoulder, hip and leg tension. Hot towels placed on the feet and warm bags on the shoulders and torso create a sense of harmony and peace.

Wanderlust 60 / 90 min. A full body massage to refresh and uplift, the treatment begins with a stimulating dry brushing of the body to boost circulation and enhance product penetration. A Swedish-style massage is followed, designed to link earth and life through long flowing medium-pressured techniques. Warm towels placed on the legs and feet and warm bags on the shoulders and torso create a sense of peace through the body

Raindrop Therapy 60 min. The ultimate sensory experience. Pure essential oils are dropped one at a time onto the back and dispersed with a light feather touch, repeating nine times, using feathering, effleurage, and vita-flex techniques. 

Volcanic Stone Massage 60 / 90 min. Classic massage techniques combined with warm iron-rich volcanic energy stones infused with essential oils, work tight muscles and relieve tension. Heat and ionization stimulate blood flow and eliminate toxins. The face is massaged with cold pebbles to relieve tension.

Revitalizing Hot and Cold Stone Ceremony 90 min. This iconic Carita ceremony is offered at only the best spas across the globe and delivers silky and supple skin. Treatment begins with Carita’s legendary rénovateur exfoliation – a blend of sunflower seeds and essential oils of thyme, clove, and lemon, followed by a hot stone massage, cold stone face massage, ending with intense hydration. The skin’s texture is refined, and radiant.

Anti-Fatigue for Legs and Feet 40 minutes This treatment provides relief for tired and heavy legs using a cryogenic ice-effect mask combined with reflexology techniques. Swelling is reduced, and circulation improved. Perfect for runners and expecting mothers.

Reflexology 25 / 50 minutes | $60 / $105 Release life’s tensions through the energy meridians on the soles of your feet. Delight in a relaxing, therapeutic foot massage that improves circulation and restores energy throughout the entire body.

Jade Stone Marma Face Massage 40 min. Inspired by healing rooted in Ayurvedic marma point therapy and East Asian gua sha, this treatment begins with a facial massage using chilled jade stones, steam and oil infused with organic jasmine. Stress, anxiety, tension, and sinus pressure are relieved. A back, shoulder, scalp and décolleté massage are performed while hot water bottle soothes the neck and a warm energy stone placed on the solar plexus recenters the mind. 

Prenatal Massage 25 / 50 min. We utilize special pillows that allow an expecting mother to rest on her stomach, aiding with relief from aches and stress associated with pregnancy. A safe aromatherapeutic massage balm is used to nourish, hydrate and tone the skin. 

Couple’s Massage 25 / 50 / 80 min. Have a massage with a friend or loved one in our spacious couples suite. Choose from deep tissue massage, signature massage, Swedish massage, prenatal massage or Asian bodywork. PLEASE NOTE-Couples massage cannot be booked online. Please call the spa at 330.665-2555 to book your couples massage appointment.